New and Improved V2 Trick Tank Updates: The VGOD Trick Tank V2 is a updated version of the original VGOD Trick Tank, solving some previous issues. The V2 has solved the “Leaking” Problem many customers faced when re-filling their tank. The Connection and Coil Seal Design has been Improved to provide an All-Around better performing Tank! Enjoy the VGOD V2 Trick Tank!

The Greek God “Zeus” has the ability to create large clouds with little to minimal effort, and now SO CAN YOU!

The VGOD TRICKTANK is the one and only tank for you tricksters out there, shatter the shackles of ramp up time and get some O’s going.

RDA’s are no longer your only option for doing tricks. The VGOD TRICKTANK breathes with ferocity, offering no limitations on airflow and an inhalation that ignites a full hard hitting Vape instantly with pre-made coils at 0.2 and 0.5 ohms. Top opening allows you to fill in liquid with ease, offering a large 3ml reservoir of e-juice within it. Forged with the finest stainless steel metal available, honed to perfection and tested beyond measure. Controlling clouds with the palm of your hands has never been easier using nearly any mod or vape that pushes lots of power through to the VGOD TRICKTANK.

If you are looking for a small versatile tank, look no further. The VGOD Trick Tank has a unique small size yet it can still compete and rise above some of the bigger tanks. You will find this tank has excellent flavour, try your favourite e-juice in it and you will notice the difference. Some say its like tasting your favourite juice for the first time again. The Trick Tank also has the capability to produce those big thick clouds without needing to use high wattage, which saves on your battery life! The Trick Tank is an excellent choice for the beginning sub-ohm vaper and for expert vapers alike.

Additional information

Weight .064 kg
Dimensions 7 x 3.175 x 10.8 in


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